HEAPS For Insurers

Reduce Claim Payouts While Improving The Quality Of Care, Customer Reach & Brand Loyalty

HEAPS provides a uniquely positioned dual benefit solution to insurers. It helps insurers reduce their cost of hospitalization and rehospitalization while parallelly improving the quality of care and services provided to the patients.

Insurers can benefit from HEAPS in the following ways:

The HEAPS “Risk Severity Index”

The HEAPS “Risk Severity Index” is a culmination of years of innovation in data analysis, care management and artificial intelligence. This program helps identify an insuree/patient’s health risk and grades it on a severity index based on their current health condition, lifestyle, complexity of the treatment taken and predictive modelling of outcomes in a similar demographic.

This will help providers intervene in-time and save lives while significantly reducing the cost of care and stress on the health care infrastructure. Additionally, it could help in identifying and reversing conditions like early stage diabetes, hypertension etc. which may not be noticed in the regular course of care, thus reducing the cost of care again.