HEAPS For Hospitals

Provide Continuous & Comprehensive Care With Post-Discharge Care Management (PDCM)

The Post Discharge Care Management module of HEAPS analyses the patient’s current condition, and maps it with its extensive database of patients with similar conditions and picks the most appropriate care management path to be taken. Thus, creating a uniquely personalized & proactively managed post discharge plan for every patient. Through multiple Omni-channel interventions during the post discharge phase, the recovery of patients is tracked till the end of the episode.

Hospitals can benefit from HEAPS in the following ways:

Provide Whole Patient Care Management With Health Compliance & Risk Management (HCRM) Program

The Health Compliance & Risk Management (HCRM) program aids in providing proactive outreach, personalized care management and real-time risk assessment to improve patient outcomes. It also helps create awareness and educate the patients on do’s and don’ts to control the progression of the
disease condition(s).

The advantages of HCRM